Balancing my life as a physical therapist, business owner, trail runner, meditator, world traveler, and Mom of three kids has been my practice in the art of being human.  My happiness and health are interdependent, and so I seek ways to experience peace of mind as much as I do physical health.

For nearly 30 years, my career has been to help people restore function and balance in their bodies in order to return to the activities they love whether it be hiking up a mountain, running a marathon, or as basic as maintaining an independent living situation.

As the cost of healthcare escalates each year, it is more important than ever to take responsibility for the health of our body and mind. This requires self-motivation to educate ourselves and to follow through with proper nutrition, exercise, and as much balance as we can achieve between family, work and play. Our mental health is intricately woven into our physical health; positive social interactions, time in nature, spiritual practice, appreciation of the arts, and any activity that reduces stress are all supportive to our mental health.

Being Human is about taking care of ourselves so that we can minimize our reliance on the overburdened healthcare system.  If you share this philosophy and want non-preachy guidance from a physio in the field, then you have come to the right place.

Photos posted on this blog are all mine taken on my trail runs and travels. Enjoy!